Visiting Historic Maldon

Maldon is a charming, ancient town located in the eastern region of England in the county of Essex. It has a long and vibrant history which included Viking attacks, several riots in the 17th century and a lot of suppression from the Puritans. It is the burial place for the great-great grandfather of George Washington and is renowned for its sailing culture and sailing events.

If you are planning a visit to the area and are wondering what to do maldon has museums, boat rides and a lovely park that is popular with tourists and locals alike. Other things to do maldon guests and residents enjoy are attending the many events that are held throughout the year. These include local concerts, a large art show and the Mud Race, a foot race which takes place along the banks of the River Blackwater. There is plenty of beautiful historic architecture to enjoy as well including the Moot Hall and All Saint’s Church with its beautiful stained glass windows.


If you will be staying in Maldon, you will also want to know the places to eat maldon residents enjoy most. Luckily, Maldon has something to offer any hungry visitor no matter what their preference may be as there is an enormous variety of choices. You can select a traditional pub, a trendy cafe or get back immediately to sightseeing after a quick stop in a local fast food restaurant. For something a little more romantic and special, there are many fine dining establishments to be found as well.

There is a tourist information center in town to assist visitors who are interested in learning restaurants maldon streets and neighborhoods. There are plenty of options regarding where to stay, including cozy bed and breakfast facilities, well-appointed waterside hotels and even rustic, yet comfortable, camping facilities. Everyone will be able to find something that will easily fit in with their vacation budget and help them to enjoy their stay.

As one of the oldest towns in Essex and a popular setting for many books, movies and television programs, Maldon is the perfect destination to include on any travel itinerary. It enjoys lovely summer weather and is a close knit community that stays busy all year round. Every visitor to Maldon will find there is no shortage of things to do, places to stay and restaurants to enjoy no matter what season they are stopping by.


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